Dr. Bill Ramsay

Education and Professional Training

  • Attended Edison Community College and Memphis State University for undergraduate courses and degree
  • Graduated from Southern College of Optometry with Doctor of Optometry degree in 1986
  • Completed Clinical Externship training in 1986 at Kenner Army Hospital located in Fort Lee, VA and also at Eye Center of Florida located in Fort Myers, FL
  • Received Personality Profiling training ( DISC® system) in early 1994; Ft. Myers, FL
  • Received training in Accelerated Orthokeratology/Precise Corneal Molding, in September 1994; Memphis, TN, via Dr. J. Mason Hurt
  • Qualified (among the first three ODs in the entire state of Florida) as a Certified Prio® Prescribing Specialist in 1994 for Computer Vision Syndrome testing; Atlanta, GA, via Dr. Cosmo Salibello (Prio® device developer)
  • Qualified as a Certified Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Computer Workstation Ergonomics Specialist in 2000; via "CVS Doctors®"/Dr. Jim Sheedy
  • Qualified as a Certified HydroOptix® (dive mask) Dec-Pro Specialist in July 2003; via HydroOptix, Inc.
  • Qualified as a Certified VST®/Ortho-K Specialist in 12/2004; via Bausch & Lomb and The Institute for Eye Research
  • Qualified as a Certified DreamLens® Specialist in 12/2004; via Dr. Tom Reim
  • Qualified as a Certified SynergEyes Hybrid Specialist on 05/29/2009; via SynergEyes
  • Qualified as a Certified ZenLens Sciera/ Lens Specialist on 12/20/2015; via Alden Optical

Optometric Scholastic Honors

  • Irvin M. Barish, OD Award, 1986
  • Varilux Student Award, 1985
  • Varilux Student Award, 1986
  • Southern College of Optometry Dean's List, 1986

Practice Modality History

  • Association with general ophthalmologist (07/86 - 05/88) in Cape Coral, FL
  • Affiliation with national optical chain OptiWorld (05/88 - 02/91) in Ft. Myers, FL
  • Private, solo practice January 1992 through August 2007 in Fort Myers, FL
  • Associated with Lange Eye Care & Associates, July 2005 through March 2016, in FL
  • Affiliated with MyEyeOr, April 2016 - currently, in Ocala and Hernando, FL

Other Accomplishment

  • Started EyePromote, Inc. , a company dedicated to patient education tools and Telephone Message-On-Hold systems (founded in 2002).
  • Personally developed an interactive, multimedia patient education software program that had a patent-pending USPTO patent application (2002 - 2007).
  • Acting Principal Investigator, creator and coordinator for two National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Grant applications (for Coronary Heart Disease and Primary Open Angle Glaucoma) (2003 - 2005).


  • Participation as a Research Study Investigator for: "An evaluation of 1-day disposable contact lens wear in a population of allergy sufferers," Contact Lens & Anterior Eye, Issue 26 (2003) 85-93.
  • Published author of numerous medical/ocular-related and practice management articles.
  • Serving as Professional Eye Care Consultant to eyeMaginations, Inc. software development company 2001 - 2003.
  • Editorial Board appointment Inside EyeCare Technology OnLine virtual magazine in June 2001.
  • Member of Johnson & Johnson Nistakon Speaker's Bureau (beginning 1997).
  • The featured physician in the January 1996 issue of Southwest Florida Business People.
  • Editorial Board appointment Eyecare Technology magazine in December 1994.
  • Dr. Ramsay has had two different case reports and ocular photos featured on two different issues' covers of Contact Lens Spectrum magazine (September 1993 & December 1994).
  • Dr. Ramsay was the first optometrist to file formal complaints against Lens Express and its Director (February 1994) for patient injury resulting from the selling of contact lenses without a prescription.
  • Practice was one of six businesses in SW Florida nominated for the US Chamber of Commerce's "Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative," which seeks out and recognizes exemplary businesses across America (November 1993).
  • High tech office utilizing patternless edger, autorefractometry, corneal topography, digital ocular imaging, practice management software and fully computerized preliminary testing room. Office was featured in 20/20 magazine article "Blueprints for Success" (August 1992).
  • Dr. Ramsay was responsible for initiating significant modifications of Florida State Board of Optometry regulations (1991-1992) pertaining to the practice of commercial optometry and its resultant nationwide effects on the "commercial practice" of optometry.

Seminars Presented

  • Digital Ocular Imaging
  • Acanthamoeba Keratitis
  • Diagnosing and Treating the Dry Eye Patient
  • Accelerated Orthokeratology/Comeal Molding
  • The Four Leading Causes of Blindness in the USA
  • Study Review for Ophthalmic Nurses and Technicians
  • Marketing and Promoting the Primary Eye Care Practice
  • Contact Lens Selection and Contact Lens Care Solutions
  • Promoting Disposable and Planned Replacement Contact Lenses
  • Fitting Specialty Contact Lenses (Including Ortho-K and Multifocal Soft)

Practice Style Information

  • Board Certified Optometric Physician (Florida Licensed 1986).
  • Providing full-scope primary eye care:
    • Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment
    • Non-surgical care of the anterior and posterior segments
    • Total case management for all types of contact lenses
    • Pre- and post-operative care and case comanagement
  • Subspecialties include:
    • Low Vision
    • Lacrimology/Dry Eye
    • Specialty Contact Lenses, including Hybrid and Sciera! Lenses o Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
    • Accelerated Orthokeratology/Vision Shaping Treatment

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