Perich Eye Center Improves Cataract Surgery Patient Experience With Addition of Top Cataract Measurement Technology

Perich Eye Center has added the industry’s leading cataract measurement technology at its five offices, promising an improved patient experience for those facing refractive cataract surgery.


The A-Scan Plus Connect®, in use at every Perich Eye Center location, is the single most effective solution for measuring cataracts, calculating sizes and densities, and refining surgical outcomes. The state-of-the-art technology is effective with dense cataracts, and on patients with fixation difficulties.


The A-Scan Plus Connect®, made by Accutome, measures cataracts with ultimate precision and, because of its rapid measurement capture, means less time in the chair for patients. Measurement data is quickly and completely available to the entire refractive cataract surgery team via an improved user interface, complete portability for connecting with tablets or laptops, and streamlined data sharing.


“We’re thrilled to adopt this top-line cataract measurement technology for its tremendous medical benefits, and also to improve the entire patient experience at our offices,” said Dr. Larry M. Perich of Perich Eye Center. “The A-Scan Plus Connect® allows us to measure cataracts with amazing accuracy, and minimize time and discomfort in the process. Our patients benefit at every step.”


Improving patient care through technology is a continual process at Perich Eye Center. The central Florida eye care provider recently added several Outcome Health technology platforms at its offices to share information with patients for better education and engagement.


With five locations, Perich Eye Centers serve the ever-changing eye care needs of greater Tampa and central Florida through state-of-the-art ophthalmological treatment, and ensuring measured outcomes that meet or exceed patient expectations. Its professional medical staff’s expertise is backed by decades of research, education and training. Patient needs are always the guiding force in the clinic’s ongoing pursuit of excellence, using the highest standards of quality and ethical values.


More information is available by calling us at 727-372-1311.